How Old Are You Kitty?

Published on February 25th, 2016

On average, your cat will live to be 12-14 years old. Many cats often reach their late teens and will even push 20! Then of course, they get 8 more lives to live! How old is your cat exactly in terms of human years? Let’s break it down to their life stages.

6 Life Stages

Cats go through 6 stages of their lifetime, similar to humans who will celebrate birth, a toddler stage, teenage years, young adulthood, and so on through senior years.

Kitten (Birth – 6 months): A 1 month old kitten can be considered a 1 year old in human years! At 6 months your kitten is already a pre-teen, 10 years old, in human years.

Junior (7 months – 2 years): Your cat is now full grown! He’s also learning about sex, survival, and life. In human years he has likely reached puberty!

Prime (3 years – 6 Years): Kitty is physically and mentally mature. He is in his prime meaning he is extremely active and healthy. Compare him to a 30 year old human.

Mature (7 years – 10 years):  A fully mature and wise cat, much like a human in their mid 40s to mid 50s.

Senior (11 years – 14 years): Call him grandpa! Your cat is about 70 years old when comparing his age to a human!

Geriatric (15 years+): Congratulations, your cat is over 75 years old in human years. At 24, he will be compared to a 100 year old human. Wow!

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