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We are proud to offer high-quality veterinary care for pets of all ages. Our services include  preventative treatments and programs, surgeries, diagnostics, and lab testing. 

Whether your kitten needs booster shots or your senior dog needs a hospice care routine, we are here to care for your pet from birth to their golden years.

Vet lifts small brown and white dog's upper lip to inspect teeth and gums

Health Examinations

Regular exams are necessary for following up on existing conditions and detecting potential issues, as well. We recommend annual checkups for healthy pets, but as they age or develop issues, we may suggest more frequent visits. Because cats and dogs are not able to tell us when they don’t feel well and cannot describe what’s wrong, it’s up to us to be proactive and do our best to keep them healthy.

Preventative Services

In the interest of taking a proactive approach to pet health, annual vaccinations are recommended beginning at age 6-9 weeks. From an early age through the senior years, preventing contagious diseases is crucial to ensure our pet’s health.

We also offer education and products for flea and heartworm prevention, as these parasites can cause very serious health issues that can be difficult and expensive to treat.

Dental Exams & Services

Good oral health is as important for animals as it is for people. Keeping your pet’s mouth and teeth healthy help maintain the rest of their overall health. Regular dental exams, cleanings, and X-rays are part of a long-term health plan.

Laser Surgeries

Our team of experienced surgeons performs routine and advanced surgical procedures as needed. These include everything from spays and neuters to complex orthopedic surgeries. Utilizing a C02 laser rather than a scalpel helps ensure pinpoint precision, quick cauterization, and a less painful healing time.

Vet and vet tech in blue scrubs use ultrasound machine to scan tabby cat's lower abdomen.

Lab Work & Diagnostics

Our in-house laboratory services allow us to accurately produce immediate results for our patients. These include everything from blood counts and electrolyte panels to urinalysis and cytology. We also offer screenings for quick identification of FeLV/FIV, parvovirus, heartworms, and other parasites.


Our digital radiographic diagnostic tools allow us to view and study a pet’s skeletal and organ structures without invasive procedures. This is often helpful when making a diagnosis. 

End-of-Life Care

One of the most difficult and most loving things you can do for your pet is to recognize when it’s time to let them go. We are here to guide you through this part of their life, answer any questions you may have, and help you provide them with the best quality of life possible.

State-of-the-Art Health and Dental Care Services

When you need a vet in Chicago with the best pet care, rely on Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic. We truly care about your pet’s well-being and work diligently to ensure they live long healthy lives.

Emergency Appointments

We understand catastrophes are never expected and often happen outside regular business hours. When we are open, we will do our best to accommodate emergencies. After hours, we recommend taking your pet to MedVet, Premier Veterinary Group, or Veterinary Specialty Center for state-of-the-art, full-service emergency care.





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