Routine Vet Exams & Wellness Exams

As a pet owner, you have an undisputable bond with your pet, and you want the very best for them. You put their needs before your own, and you may even spend more money on their food than on yours. We know this because we are the same way with our pets – they are part of the family.

One great way to ensure the good health and longevity of your pet is to adhere to regularly scheduled wellness exams. Preventing future health problems and treating new ones before they become severe is one of the best ways to show your pet how much you care.

Comprehensive Wellness Check

A thorough physical and visual examination of your cat or dog is crucial in determining the quality of their overall health. Here at Portage Park Animal Hospital, we examine your pet from head to tail.


We palpate the abdominal area, test the range of motion in the hips, and check their feet for signs of damage or injury. We examine your pet’s skin and coat, ears, eyes, nose, and teeth. We also check their weight, temperature, and mobility, and we test for parasites.

Weighing In

When your pet first arrives for their exam, we will weigh them. Knowing their current weight helps us keep track of their health, and it helps us determine dosages for medication and treatments.

Body Temperature

Checking your cat’s or dog’s temperature helps us know if your pet is suffering from any type of fever, infection, illness, or injury.

Parasite Screening

Part of the regular exam includes a fecal exam, if you’ve provided a stool sample, for intestinal parasites. We will also draw a bit of blood to screen for heartworms, and prescribe prevention if the test is negative.

Coat Check

A visual exam of your pet’s skin and coat will tell us a lot about their health. A shiny, smooth coat is a sign of good health, while a brittle or flaky coat indicates something may be off. This could be related to diet, allergies, or other factors.

Ear Examination

When we check the ears during your cat exam or dog exam, we look for inflammation, discoloration, debris, and signs of other issues. Most ear conditions are easily treatable with topical medications or prescription ear washes. Healthy ears will help your pet remain pain-free and comfortable.

Eye Exam

When we examine the eyes, we look for any disturbances in their vision, make sure the pupils function properly, and check for any onset of optical conditions like corneal ulcers or cataracts. Knowing how your pet’s vision affects their daily life will help you ensure their safety and good quality of life.

Visual Dental Exam

With your pet’s permission, we will perform a visual assessment of their teeth and gums for any obvious signs of mouth ulcers, gum disease, or damaged teeth. Based on what we see, we may recommend a dental appointment for a cleaning and a more detailed examination.

Your Trusted Veterinarian in Chicago

During your pet’s checkup, you will be asked about their behavior and habits at home. This is to make sure there are no symptoms that may correspond with findings during the exam and to let us know if there are other things we should examine more closely. Problems with eating, urinating, bowel movements or signs of discomfort should all be discussed. The more we know, the easier it will be to narrow down potential health issues and signs of disease.

To learn more about wellness exams for your dogs and cats or our puppy and kitten wellness programs, reach out online or call Portage Park Animal Hospital today. We look forward to meeting your pet and being part of their journey.




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