Puppy Wellness Programs

Our Puppy Wellness Program is the perfect way to kickstart a long, healthy life for your new family member. For a total of 4 visits at $150 for each visit, you are getting a great deal on a robust package that covers all areas of wellness for your puppy. 

When you’ve completed our Puppy Wellness Program, our veterinarian near Chicago is also happy to offer pet parents a 10 percent discount on his or her spay or neuter surgery packages.

Initial Exam (6-9 weeks)

Your initial exam will consist of a full physical health evaluation in addition to a fecal exam to test for intestinal parasites. We are also happy to provide you with deworming medication and a combination vaccine that combines both distemper and parvovirus. Finally, your first appointment also includes a one-month parasite preventative. 

We know you may have questions for us about your transition into being a puppy parent, which is why we also offer pamphlets and brochures on puppy health to help answer your questions. Please use us as a resource and ask us questions as they arise, we want you to feel confident about taking care of your puppy.

Second Exam (9-12 weeks)

About 3 weeks following your first appointment, you will visit our veterinarian near Chicago for the second appointment. In addition to another physical health exam, we will provide your puppy with a kennel cough vaccine, a fecal exam and deworming medication. Your new puppy will also need another distemper and parvo combination vaccine.

Third Exam (12-15 weeks)

When your puppy is around 12-15 weeks or about 3 weeks after the second wellness appointment, they are due for their third appointment. We will provide another fecal exam, another round of deworming medication, a complete physical health exam and another distemper and parvo combination vaccine. 

If needed, we will also provide your puppy with a Lyme or Influenza vaccine during this exam.  

Final Exam (16-18 weeks)

The final puppy wellness appointment includes a fecal exam, a rabies vaccine, and a complete physical health exam. If your puppy needs another Lyme or Influenza vaccine, we will also provide another booster for them. 

Your Pet is in Good Hands

With so many Chicago veterinarians to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find a vet that’s right for you. At Portage Park Animal Hospital, we treat all of our patients (owners included!) like family and strive to be a helpful resource throughout the entire lifespan of your pet. Please reach out to us to schedule your first Puppy Wellness Program appointment today.




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