Your Local Avondale Veterinarian

At Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic, we provide a wide range of professional veterinary services and go above and beyond to ensure your pet lives a happy and healthy life. If you’re looking for a full-service veterinary hospital in Avondale, schedule an initial consultation with the pet health experts at Portage Park.

Comprehensive Care at Our Avondale Animal Hospital

From regular checkups to preventive care, rabies vaccine to pet emergencies, Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic offers comprehensive veterinary services. Bring your dogs and cats to our clinic for the high-quality pet care your loved one deserves.

If you’re looking for an animal hospital near Avondale that will treat your pet as if it was one of our own, please call or schedule an appointment online with Portage Park. We are always accepting new pets and pet owners into our family.

Pet Vaccinations Avondale

One of the most important factors in the health of your pet, especially a new puppy or kitten, is having them vaccinated. Vaccines protect against many illnesses, helping keep your pet healthy for longer. The vaccination clinic at Portage Park works with puppies and kittens to provide comprehensive care at their most vulnerable point.

From feline leukemia to heartworm prevention and so much more, our Puppy Wellness and Kitten Wellness programs will help jumpstart your new pet’s life and prevent them from any harmful diseases or illnesses.

Emergency Care & Surgical Procedures

If your pet begins acting strange or experiencing symptoms that concern you, call Portage Park Animal Hospital right away. We understand you will not have an appointment scheduled, but we will work fast to fit your pet in so we can get things figured out. We are passionate about animals and the care we provide to your pet.

We Care About Your Pet’s Health

Bring your pet to Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic. We take great pride in providing the best possible care for your furry loved one. Through our state-of-the-art and compassionate style of care, we want to enrich the lives of your pet by restoring and maintaining their health.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Portage Park family.




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