Pet Dental Health Care

Infographic Detailing Dental Health Services

Increasingly, we have made efforts to educate our clients of the fact that it is just as important to have their pets’ teeth examined and cleaned on a regular basis as it is to protect their own teeth and gums. We offer both traditional periodontal procedures and anesthesia-free dental cleanings. Call today to schedule a dental consultation. 

Traditional Dental Services

Pet dental procedures do not routinely require overnight hospitalization, yet often can improve your pet’s physical health just as quickly!

Our services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Full-Mouth X-Rays

All stages of dental care include anesthesia, hospitalization and nursing care. In the event that extractions are required, nerve blocks are administered to help decrease the discomfort associated with the procedure.

For your pet’s safety, all sedated/anesthetized patient’s heart function and respiration are routinely monitored during the procedure. The doctor will be able to tell you which state your pet’s dental condition is.

1. Routine Periodontal Therapy

Designed for younger pets with mild tartar accumulation. All teeth are cleaned free of tartar and polished with fluoride. These pets do not require extractions, antibiotics or pain medication.

2. Gingivitis with Moderate to Advanced Accumulation of Tartar

One or two small teeth may need to be extracted. These pets require an antibiotic injection and are dispensed antibiotics for home administration. An injection for pain will also be given in the event extractions need to be performed. All teeth are cleaned and polished with fluoride.

3. Advanced Periodontal Disease

Moderate to advanced gingivitis with advanced tartar accumulation. Several extractions are possible including molars and broken teeth. These pets require an antibiotic injection and are dispensed antibiotics for home administration. An injection for pain is also required. All teeth are cleaned and polished with fluoride.

4. Severe Periodontal Disease and Oral Surgery

Includes advanced oral surgery to remove tumors or perform gingivectomies.


New Option for Dental Cleanings!

Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic is very excited to announce that we are now offering dental cleanings for both dogs and cats without the use of general anesthesia! This unique service allows us to help maintain your pet’s oral health on a more routine basis. This service does not eliminate the need for anesthetic dentals with dental x-rays, but rather serves as an additional option to help keep your pet’s breath fresh and healthy. All patients must be pre-screened by the veterinarian to determine if they are candidates. For this, we offer a dental consultation with our doctors to see if an anesthesia-free dental is a good option for your pet.


Pet Dental Services will be providing non-anesthetic dental cleanings for our clinic. This company has been featured in a number of trade magazines for their quality and compassion. A study was recently published in Integrative Veterinary Care Journal about the efficacy of their procedure.


Your pet’s oral health is such an important part in keeping them healthy and happy. Availability is limited, so please call us today to schedule an appointment!




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