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Are You A Dog Person?

Published on February 3rd, 2015

Has anyone ever asked you if you are a dog person? The type of pet you have can speak volumes about your personality. Dog owners are often viewed as extroverts who enjoy socializing, being active and outdoorsy, and are honest and loyal. Maybe you don’t currently own a dog, but still refer to yourself as a dog person. Here are a few signs that could mean you are a total dog lover.

  • No matter where you are walking, if you see a dog, you are likely to go and say hello to it.
  • Dogs flock to you as if they somehow know you’re a total dog person.
  • You have enough dog photos on your phone to open up a library.
  • You know better than to wear the color black around your home, and if you do, you proudly wear dog hair sheddings as an accessory.
  • Your significant other is probably jealous of your relationship with your dog.
  • Your dog sleeps with you in bed, sits with you on the couch, not to mention, rides in the front seat of the car with you.
  • You use your dog as a conversation topic at bars or at a first date.
  • You spend too much money on dog accessories, toys, and treats.
  • You have names picked out for your future dogs.
  • You can tell the difference between a Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd.

If you can answer yes to any of these statements, we think you’re a dog person!

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