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Benefits Of Pet Vaccines

Published on June 25th, 2015

Most people understand the benefits of pet vaccines, but some may not. It can seem silly or unimportant to vaccinate your pets; however, there are animal diseases and viruses they can catch. Your veterinarian can recommend which vaccines are right for keeping your pet safe and healthy throughout its lifespan.

Save Lives

Getting your pets vaccinated could save their lives! Consider vaccinating your pet to ensure resistance against a debilitating disease that will require treatment. Some of the most common vaccinations are rabies and distemper. Other ones may also be recommended. Your veterinarian will determine which vaccinations your pet needs based on medical history, age of your pet, and lifestyle risk factors.

Pet Safety

Vaccinations are generally safe for your pet, and while they can cause side effects, such as swelling or redness, the benefits often outweigh the risks. Many times, it is important to vaccinate so that your furry friend doesn’t pass any diseases onto other animals. Illness can be spread between pets at doggy daycare, boarding kennels, or even in the park. Vaccinate to keep your pet and other pets free of life threatening illness.

Vaccinate at Portage Park Animal Hospital

It can cost a lot more time and money to treat a disease than to prevent it. With two total or possibly one vaccine a year, you prevent common ailments and problems. Is your pet due for a vaccination or check up? Please call to schedule and appointment (773) 725-0260.

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