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Doggy Dental Care

Published on January 25th, 2017

The dental health of your dog is an important part of their overall wellness. As with humans, dogs need to have dental cleanings to prevent dental disease and other health problems. Fortunately, at Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic, we provide dental deals in both January and February! Our veterinarians are highly experienced in pet dental care and can offer general check-ups, oral surgery, tooth extraction, and more.

Health Problems

When pets experience dental issues, they are unable to tell you to take them for an appointment. This means that the problem can become exacerbated without regular check-ups, which can lead to even more health problems. Pets with dental disease can develop heart conditions or other problems with their organs. Additionally, poor dental health can lead to halitosis, periodontal disease, loss of teeth, and more. By going to a vet that also offers great dental care, you can save your pet from a lot of pain, and save money in the long run!

Your Pet’s Teeth

Dogs have baby teeth and adult teeth as well! Full grown dogs have 42 teeth, but before adult teeth come in, their baby teeth need to fall out. As a part of your puppy wellness plan, our vets will check on their teeth and how this is progressing. If for some reason their baby teeth are not coming out when their adult teeth are coming in, our vet will address this, as it can lead to gum irritation and tartar buildup.

Once your dog has their adult teeth, dental care is still just as important. Our vets will be able to discuss how to brush their teeth, and the treats that are good to keep their teeth healthy. Dogs that experience tooth loss due to dental disease go through lots of pain, therefore take preventative measures with Portage Park Animal Hospital!

In January and February, you can get $50.00 off dental surgery or 10% off your dental procedure and other services needed that same day, whichever is greater! Call today to schedule a free dental consultation.

Courtesy of: Pet Health Network

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