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Ear Infections in Dogs

Published on September 20th, 2017

One of the most common health problems dogs experience are ear infections. Due to the anatomy of some dogs’ ears, certain dog breeds such as Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels develop ear infections easier than others. By understanding the common causes and signs of an ear infection, you can help prevent and treat them in your dog!

Causes and Symptoms

Your dog can develop an ear infection in a variety of ways; generally, they occur because excess bacteria and/or yeast grows in the ear canal, leading to an inflammation in the external ear canal. Conditions that cause your dog to secrete more earwax, or if they have excess hair in their ears, can also cause ear infections. If your dog swims often, or if they have allergies, they can also develop an ear infection more easily.

Even without allergies, a love of swimming, etc., your dog can still have an ear infection. Watch out for the following symptoms, and bring him or her in to the vet for diagnosis and treatment!

  • Ear scratching, and subsequent scabs or hair loss around the ears
  • Odor from ears
  • Red or irritated ears
  • Shaking head frequently
  • Debris and/or discharge from ears

Diagnosis and Treatment

Our staff will be able to diagnose and treat an ear infection when you bring your dog in. We’ll be able to perform an ear cytology, which is relatively painless for your pet. If we find the presence of yeast and/or bacteria, we will know that your dog has an ear infection. With a positive diagnosis, we will then clean your dog’s ears fully and prescribe the best medication for the ear infection. This can range from oral medications to a liquid medication to be applied to your dogs’ ears. Without early diagnosis, ear infections can develop into something worse. It is important to see a vet right away, and to follow up post-infection to ensure that it is actually gone.

Contact Portage Park Animal Hospital right away if you think your dog may have an ear infection!

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