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The Importance of Pet Vaccination

Published on October 10th, 2016

Many of the most dangerous diseases you will find in dogs and cats can be prevented with the right vaccinations. Taking a pet to your regular veterinarian to get all his or her scheduled vaccinations will give you peace of mind and help your pet stay healthy and safe. There are many extremely good reasons as to why you should vaccinate your pet.

Risks to Your Own Health

A great reason to vaccinate your pets is that it keeps them healthy; but it also keeps you healthy! There are several diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans, including Leptospirosis. This can cause kidney damage, meningitis, respiratory distress, liver failure, and even death in humans. Some people may not even show any signs of having a disease at all until it can be too late. Pet vaccinations keep you and your pet healthy!

Using Doggy Day Care or Kenneling for Vacation

If you ever want to go on vacation and leave your dog in a reputable kennel or drop them off at doggy daycare while you work, then they will be required to be up-to-date on their Bordatella and Influenza vaccinations. These protect them against kennel cough and the canine flu which, though usually mild, are extremely contagious and can lead to pneumonia. Younger puppies are the ones who suffer more serious complications as they have immature immune systems. It can also severely affect older dogs, pregnant females, and those with any respiratory problems, as they all suffer from compromised immune systems.

Prevention of Diseases

There are so many other diseases that can cause your pet pain and suffering, which can be avoided easily and effectively by means of a simple vaccination. For example, with Lyme disease, it is easily transmitted, but can be prevented through a vaccination. Another is parvovirus, a life-threatening infection which is extremely contagious, but is almost 100% preventable with vaccine. Typically, your vet will be able to provide a vaccination schedule so you know how to stay up to date on the vaccinations your pet needs.

For your pets’ vaccinations, contact Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic. We can provide the necessary vaccinations, and the first visit is free!


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