The Importance of Winter Booties

Published on January 4th, 2016

Time for a W-A-L-K. As the Chicago winter sets in, you’ll need a winter coat, boots, hat, and mittens. Your dog will also need more than a coat as well. Did you know that your dog’s paw pads are at risk for drying, cracking, trauma, frostbite, and chemical burns on winter sidewalks? You’ll want to protect your dog’s feet so that winter walks and outdoor play times are fun and safe.

Balm: Search for bag balm at your local drug store or pet store. You can also use paw wax or Vaseline.

1. Before applying balm, be sure that your pet’s paws are groomed. A beard trimmer with a plastic guard works great. Trim the hair around and between paws pads. This will ensure that the balm makes contact with the paw and also helps prevent ice balls from forming in between the paw pads.

2. Apply a thin layer of balm right before a wintery walk.

3. Wipe your dog’s paws clean after your walk to remove snow and salt chemicals.

4. Apply a new layer of balm to moisturize and soothe any irritation.

Boots: Dog boots can be easily found online or in pet stores.

1. Search for boots that will keep your pet’s paws dry. Socks will not work well for outdoor walks.

2. Boots should fit snug so that it does not slip off or constrict the paw.

3. Some boots have soles that provide additional traction and protection.

4. Acclimate your dog to wearing boots by putting them on for short periods of time.

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