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Kitten Wellness Program

Published on June 25th, 2015

MiniMonosoCongratulations on adopting your new kitten! Much like puppies, kittens also require a wellness schedule during their first 6 months of life. This wellness schedule will ensure that your kitten has a complete physical health exam. Kittens will receive fecal exams and deworming medications in addition to the vaccines and age appropriate boosters that are needed to build immunity. Whether you have had your kitten since its first few days of life, or you have adopted it at a few months of age. Portage Park Animal Hospital can provide you with a wellness schedule that meets your kitten’s specific needs. Here is a typical kitten wellness program we offer:

Our Kitten Wellness plan consists of 4 visits at $79 for each visit and includes all the vaccinations and deworming medications recommended by our doctors for your new family member.

Visit 1 (6 – 9 weeks of age)

– Complete physical health exam

– Feline Distemper vaccine

– Fecal exam – for intestinal worms

– Deworming medication

– Pamphlet & brochures on kitten health

Visit 2 (3 weeks after 1st visit)

– Complete physical health exam

– Distemper vaccine

– Felv/FIV combo test for Leukemia virus

– Fecal exam

– Deworming medication

Visit 3 (3 weeks after 2nd visit)

– Complete physical health exam

– Distemper vaccine

– Feline Leukemia vaccine

– Fecal exam

Visit 4 (3 weeks after 3rd visit) 

– Complete physical health exam – 16 weeks of age or older

– Rabies vaccine – includes Cook County tag fee

– Feline Leukemia vaccine

– Fecal exam

– Deworming medication

Upon completion of the Kitten Wellness Program, you will be entitled to a 10% discount on spay/neuter surgery. Visits may be modified if in the best interest of your pet. Please call today to find out more about our kitten wellness plans and to schedule your first appointment (773) 725-0260.

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