Know What Care Your Pet Needs

Published on May 26th, 2016

When you first get your puppy or kitten, you will need to bring him or her to a veterinarian. Most first-time pet owners do not realize the amount of care a young pet needs, which is why many veterinarians offer puppy or kitten wellness programs. These programs take your pet into adulthood, with the proper vaccinations, vet appointments, and other things your pet needs. Before getting a pet, you should know the kind of care a pet will need-it isn’t just playing with him or her, though that is important, too!

Finding The Right Vet

It will be essential to establish a relationship with a vet that you trust as soon as possible. In many ways, this is similar to finding a reliable family doctor. When a professional knows your pet, they have an idea of their health background and will keep records of their visits, and will be up-to-speed for your pets’ visits. It is crucial that your pet feels comfortable with his or her veterinarian.

Emergency Care

In addition, pets often need emergency care during their lives-either they become ill or they’ll get into an accident. For a pet lover, this can be extremely traumatic and it’s always helpful to know that there’s a vet who will be available in a hurry. Be sure to research where the closest 24/7 emergency clinic is in advance, so you’re prepared if anything happens.

Grooming and Dental Care

Good grooming is something that is often essential for many animals, particularly dogs. This includes nail or claw clippings, and baths. Many pet owners neglect an animal’s dental care, but this is an important part of a check-up. Over 80% of cats and dogs beyond the age of four years could have some form of periodontal disease, so find a veterinarian that has experience in dental care.

Pet Vaccinations

Even if your pet is extremely healthy, it’s worth taking it to the vet for an annual check-up. Pet vaccinations are essential if you wish your animal to stay in good health, as the vaccines assist in the manufacture of antibodies and can help your pet’s immune system in fighting off a disease. Many vaccinations will be completed in the first year of your pet’s life, though there are vaccinations that need to be completed annually to keep your pet healthy.

Whether you are looking for a new veterinarian in Chicago or have not needed a vet before now, contact Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic! We have the experience and ability to treat pets of all ages.

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