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Leaving Cats Home Alone

Published on August 29th, 2017

Cats are able to take care of themselves as long as they have food and water, which is just one reason why they are great pets for those that lead a busier lifestyle. Unlike dogs, cats can be left alone for longer periods of time; however, you still want to make sure they aren’t lonely or bored. Cats still want affection, even if sometimes you think they don’t! Bored cats can become too curious and rather mischievous if they need to entertain themselves while you are not home. Therefore, make sure your cat has some things to do while you are at work or away for the night—and always check their food and water supply before you leave!


Many cats need mental and/or physical stimulation in order to remain interested in something. Toys that require them to find where something is coming from (a sound, light, etc.), allow them to run around (a moving ball), and more are perfect fits for many cats that are home alone. Once their curiosity is peaked, they can spend quite some time on one toy. With these types of toys, they may get bored after a certain amount of time, whether because they figured it out or just want something new. Pay attention to what they have stopped playing with and replace it with a new toy!

Treats and Freebies

If you won’t be home all day, something that dispenses a treat or a catnip toy can be a great addition. Cats can play with something that has catnip in it for hours, and it is similar to a treat for them. As a bonus, many of these toys are either refillable or simply have the scent of catnip that lasts surprisingly long. With treat dispensing toys, you can determine ahead of time how many treats you want to put in the toy, meaning your cat won’t get too many or not enough.

With cats, you can never go wrong with some of the items lying around your home. Paper bags and cardboard boxes are heaven to cats. However, here’s a tip: Mark which ones are being used by the cat so you don’t end up packing pots and pans in the box with cat fur in case you are moving anytime soon!

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Many cats are self-sufficient; give them food, water, some attention, and clean out their litter box, and they are set. If your cat hasn’t had his or her yearly check up yet, schedule an appointment with Portage Park Animal Hospital; all new patients get their initial exam free!

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