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Minimizing Your Pets’ Vet Anxiety

Published on July 26th, 2017

Vet anxiety is something that pets experience on a regular basis. Just like when children don’t like to visit the dentist, pets don’t necessarily like to go the vet. Because animals can recognize where they are, they see the veterinary’s office as a place where they experience discomfort and pain at times. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make your pet feel more comfortable at the vet office.

Know Your Vet

Here at Portage Park, we love getting to know all of our furry friends! Prior to your pets’ first exam, please bring your cat or dog in so they can get used to the facilities, and our vets can meet them. This way, your cat or dog will be at least familiar to the office and the vet before they administer any vaccinations or perform any exams. Even if your pet has had the same veterinarian for their whole life, most vets will be happy to see their patients happy and healthy, so feel free to stop by to ease your pets’ anxiety!

Appointment Day

On the day of your pets’ vet appointment, your pet may be able to sense that it is time to go to the veterinarian. Always try to schedule the appointment earlier in the day, so your pet doesn’t have too long to wait. Leave your home ten minutes before you think you need to so you don’t feel anxious about being on time; this anxiety can transfer to your pet! On the drive, play calming music and make sure they are safely restrained on the car ride over.

Veterinarian Chicago

At Portage Park Animal Hospital, we understand that many pets have anxiety when seeing the vet. We welcome pets to come meet our vet before their first appointment, which is free for new patients! Additionally, if your pet is still stressed after going to the vet multiple times, please speak to our vets about possible pre-visit medications. Contact us today!


Courtesy of: Preventative Vet

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