National Train Your Dog Month

Published on January 24th, 2018

January is National Train Your Dog Month! For many people, the holidays are when they get a new dog. Training your dog is extremely important, and for those that have never trained a dog, they will want to do some research and learn the best tactics. While it will take time and lots of patience, it is well worth it! Your dog needs to be trained, in order to make your life, as well as their life, better. Fortunately, with a regular schedule, positive reinforcement, and dedication, your dog can definitely be trained relatively quickly!

Training Your Dog

For most people who have had a dog before, training your own dog is the best way to go. You have done it before, and know the importance of positive reinforcement and mental stimulus. When you train your own dog, know that you will be spending a good amount of time on this. You need to be able to set aside a specific time each day for training time; this way, your dog gets used to the schedule of learning commands of “sit”, “heel”, “stay”, etc. Additionally, when training your dog to go to the bathroom outside, this will be important to stick to your training routine.

Remember to always give lots of love and positive words of encouragement to your dog after every training session!

Going to Class

For those who have never trained a dog, have adopted a dog that may be more difficult, or simply doesn’t have the extra time to train, hiring a trainer may be the perfect option. Obedience classes can work wonders, and if it is the only way your dog can get trained, it is the best route to go. Before choosing your dog trainer, ask them if you can sit in on a class with your dog. Pay attention to the attitudes of the dogs and if they seem happy or not; ask what skills will be covered during the class, see if the facility seems clean, safe, and sanitary, etc. Recommendations from friends and family will also be a huge help, as you can trust their judgment!

Call Portage Park

If you have a new dog in your home, call Portage Park Animal Hospital! We can discuss with you puppy wellness plans, best training techniques, and more. We look forward to meeting you and your new dog.

Train Your Pet Dogs

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