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Our Puppy Wellness Program

Published on November 13th, 2018

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing a new puppy into the family! It’s tempting to want to show your new furry friend off to all of your friends and family right away but try to do so in a private space. Exposing your puppy to public parks and other public places where dogs have been can pose a threat to your puppy’s health. Just as you wouldn’t expose a newborn baby to tons of germs because their immune system isn’t strong, you shouldn’t do this to your puppy either. Getting pet vaccinations in Chicago before lots of public exposure is ideal.

We have a Puppy Wellness Program that consists of 4 visits. aEach visit includes all of the recommended vaccinations and deworming medications. You can also opt for monthly heartworm/flea/parasite protection for an additional charge.

First Visit

During your puppy’s initial visit, we will get to know him or her! We will complete a physical health exam as well as conduct a fecal exam to test for worms. We will provide deworming medication, a distemper combo vaccine with Parvo, as well as provide you with one free month of parasite preventative. Finally, we will provide you with helpful pamphlets on puppy health.

Second Visit

Three weeks after your first visit, your puppy will have a second appointment to receive pet vaccinations in Chicago. They will receive a fecal exam, a complete physical health exam, kennel cough vaccine and the distemper combo vaccine with Parvo.

Third Visit

Three weeks after the second visit, your puppy will visit us for his or her third visit. This visit will consist of deworming medication, a fecal exam, a lyme or influenza vaccine, a complete physical health exam and another distemper combo vaccine with Parvo.

Fourth Visit

Finally, your puppy will see us when they are at least 16 weeks old for their fourth and final visit. During this appointment, your puppy will receive another complete physical health exam, their final distemper combo vaccine with Parvo, a fecal exam, a lyme or influenza vaccine and a rabies vaccine.

If you are interested in our pet vaccinations in Chicago, please call us today to schedule an appointment!

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