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Spaying and Neutering

Published on February 17th, 2015

What Is spaying and neutering?

Spaying and neutering are among the most common surgical procedures performed by veterinarians on cats and dogs. Spaying for female pets and neutering for male pets will ultimately leave your pet unable to reproduce, and the incidence for complications is very low. Every year, millions of unwanted dogs and cats are euthanized because they do not find homes. These procedures are used primarily to prevent over population in cats and dogs, and they also reduce behavioral problems associated with mating instincts.


Spaying and neutering can be one pet owner’s contribution to helping save lives and increasing the chance for adoption of pets that are in need of homes. Not only does spaying eliminate heat cycles, but neutering can also reduce breeding instinct. The early spaying of female dogs and cats can even help protect them from uterine infections and breast cancer. Spaying and neutering will have no effect on your pet’s ability to learn and play.

When To Spay or Neuter

Pet owners should consult with their veterinarian to determine the best time to schedule these surgeries for their pets. Veterinarians will consider your pet’s age, breed, and physical condition.

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All through February and March, we are participating in the Cook County Spay/Neuter Program. This means you get a $40 rebate when you get your pet spayed or neutered! Call us today for more details or to schedule an appointment! Appointments fill up quickly!

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