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Thanksgiving And Your Pet

Published on November 24th, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff at Portage Park Animal Hospital! We are thankful for our wonderful clients and the amazing animals we get to meet on a daily basis. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving with a few helpful tips:


There’s no doubt that your pets will be just as excited as you are for the big Thanksgiving dinner. If you are sharing with your pet, be sure to portion for your pet. Designate one person in the room to give out treats.


White meat turkey can be a great source of protein for your pet. Be sure to remove the skin, fat, and bones before sharing.


Potatoes are a good vegetable to share with your pet, but beware of additional ingredients like cheese, sour cream, butter, onions, and gravy that can cause stomach upset.

Foods To Avoid

Large amounts of alliums can be toxic for your pet. Avoid feeding your pet any onions, garlic, leeks, or scallions. Alcohol, grapes, and raisons are also on the list of nos. Most importantly, chocolate can be fatal to your dog or cat.

The Clean Up

Turkey bones can be very dangerous when ingested by your pet. Be sure to properly dispose of all bones and waste in the trash. Keep the lid on the trash can and keep it out of reach from your pets, or go the extra mile and take the trash out so your furry friends will be safe and won’t be tempted to act out.


Your pet will enjoy lots of love and attention this holiday, but will also benefit from low stress, quiet time Here’s to a happy holiday weekend with your friends, family, and pets. Here’s to good eats and lots of rest!

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