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The Dangers of Your Dog’s Nails Being Too Long

Published on September 18th, 2018

Whether you’re new to the world of owning a dog or you’ve had one your whole life, our veterinarian in Chicago knows it is important to keep your dog’s fingernails trimmed. While long nails are often heard on the ground and may even rip your furniture, they are extremely uncomfortable for your dog. Think about if your toenails were too long and touched the ground every time you walked. It sounds uncomfortable, right? Your dog feels a similar sensation when his or her nails are too long.

Different Growth Rates

All dogs experience a different growth rate when it comes to their nails. If your dog often plays outside or is touching harder surfaces such as concrete, you may find that their nails naturally wear down on their own. But if your dog is typically on softer surfaces such as grass or carpet, there is not enough friction to naturally wear the nails down. It is at this point that you should schedule an appointment with our veterinarian in Chicago for a nail trimming.

Negative Side Effects

Your dog won’t be able to walk or run correctly if their nails get too long. This may cause them to put stress on different joints which can lead to more problems like arthritis. Long nails can become very painful for your dog as they start to curl under and grow into the paw pad, which can cause an infection. They can also catch on different things or even rip off unexpectedly.

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