The Importance of Your Pet’s Annual Checkup

Published on July 25th, 2019

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA) recommends an annual checkup for your pet, as do we at Portage Park Animal Hospital. For your pets, an annual checkup is just as important as your annual checkup.

At Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic we maintain the finest veterinary hospital in Chicago, totally committed to the health and well-being of our patients, and here are some of the benefits of getting an annual checkup for your pet.

Catching problems early

– Unfortunately, your dog or cat can’t tell you about their problems, but regular checkups give your veterinarian a chance to catch small problems before they become major, treating them with less expense, less difficulty and with a better outcome. They can also head off common ailments such as heartworm disease and dental problems.

Dealing with the aging process

– When you consider that our pets age six to seven times faster than we do, you can see how important an annual checkup really is. If your pet goes a couple of years without a checkup, that’s the equivalent of you going 12 to 14 years without seeing your doctor. In that length of time, something that was once a relatively minor issue may have developed into something that’s chronic. Catching a problem early can prevent your companion from undergoing unnecessary pain, suffering and possibly even the loss of their life.

Keeping up with the latest developments

– Veterinary medicine, like human medicine, is in a constant state of change and advancement, and the annual checkup is a great time for your veterinarian to tell you about recent developments that could affect your pet’s health. For example, new information comes out constantly about the relationship between diet and health, and knowing that may affect what you feed your pet to prolong their life and extend the time you share together.

An annual exam will give one of our doctors an opportunity to examine your pet from nose to tail and compare findings with those of a previous visit, noting any significant changes. The annual visit also gives you an opportunity to report anything out of the ordinary you’ve noticed such as loss of appetite, excessive water drinking or diarrhea.

Please don’t hesitate. For the finest in veterinary care, call us today at 773-725-0260 and schedule an annual checkup for your constant companion at our veterinary hospital in Chicago.

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