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Tips for Toys

Published on October 23rd, 2016

When you bring home a new puppy, they are going to want to chew on anything they can, whether this is their own toy or your favorite pair of shoes. It is important to immediately start training your puppy to be able to tell the difference between what is okay to chew versus what is not theirs. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to train your pet that don’t result in ruined shoes!

Toy Saturation

One such way to prevent your valuables from being chewed is by making sure there are always more interesting dog toys around. This tactic is particularly important when your dog is a new puppy and not used to their surroundings completely. Puppy’s teeth just like babies do, and they need to chew on something to exercise their gums. This means that whatever is around them that is chewable, will likely end up with dog saliva and bite marks on it. By ensuring that item is a dog toy, your valuables will hopefully be spared.


Obviously, the goal is to ultimately train your dog to tell the difference between what is theirs and what is not. By playing a training game where you use positive reinforcement when they go for the good toy, your dog will get used to what is “good” and what is “bad”.

To do this, create a play area with both a dog toy and two non-dog toys, such as a washcloth and a box of tissues. Allow your dog in the play area and when he or she goes for a non-dog toy, firmly say “No, not a toy!” without physically interacting with them. When he or she goes towards the dog toy, utilize positive reinforcement with a treat and petting, as well as spending time playing with the actual dog toy. Continue playing this every day, but don’t do more than three or four sessions each day because otherwise your dog will get bored.

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Courtesy of: Dog Guide

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