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Valentine’s Gifts for Your Dog

Published on February 8th, 2017

Valentine’s Day isn’t just to celebrate your significant other; it is to express how much you love anyone in your life, including your dog! While dogs cannot eat the chocolate that is common during February, they can receive other treats from their owners. From actual dog treats to something more unique, like a day at the doggy spa, you can show your pet how much you love them this Valentine’s Day!


Most dogs are going to be pleased with any food you give them. Fortunately, there are some healthy, dog-safe treats you can give your dog for Valentine’s Day! You can even make your own and shape them like hearts if you really want to go all out. In addition to treats, you can make gift baskets for them. They can include dog treats, a new dog toy or two, teeth cleaning products, and more. Your dog will enjoy sniffing the bag, and then they’ll have a month’s worth of dog treats!

Warm and Happy

For those living in Chicago or anywhere in the Midwest, giving your dog something warm for Valentine’s Day is the perfect present! Going on walks, though essential to your dogs health, can also be harmful in the winter if they are not bundled up enough. A coat for shorthaired dogs and booties for any dog will make their walks much more enjoyable, and protect their paws from harmful salt. If they already have these things, a dog bed is also an option. Additionally, a fun idea for your dog is to take them to a doggy spa for the day! This also gives you and your significant other a day to go out and not worry about taking your dog out for a walk.

Bonus Gifts

Most importantly, you want to show your dog that you love them. To do this, you will want to take them on walks, go to the dog park, play catch with them, etc. on a regular basis. Showing your pet love is the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give them, though it doesn’t hurt to give them a new collar or dog bowl!

For dogs that have not seen a vet lately, make sure to schedule an appointment with Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic today!

Courtesy of: Dog Guide

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