Are Vets Important For My Pet?

Published on February 3rd, 2016

Your pet is a valued member of your family. As you would get a doctor for yourself and your children, you should also get a doctor for your pets. Vets are an important part of your pet’s life from a young age all the way through senior care. If you’re on the fence about whether to contact a local vet about health care and wellness, you should consider some of the benefits of having one:What a Veterinarian Can Do For Your Pet

If your pet should get sick, hurt, or need emergency attention, having a vet you can turn to will give you peace of mind and also provide ongoing preventative care for your pet. Veterinarians are specialists in animal medicine. Here are a few areas that a vet can offer you for your pet’s medical care:

•             Regular Health Care and Wellness

•             Radiography and Ultrasounds

•             Various Laboratory Tests

•             Emergency Services

Specialties and Areas of Expertise

Some vets specialize in specific animal types and some are general veterinarians who can treat a wide range of animals from small to large. What you need will determine the type of vet you’re going to want to find. If you have a dog or a cat there’s a good chance that almost any veterinarian will be able to take your pet on as a patient, but If you’ve got a more exotic animal like a tropical bird or reptile you might need to do a little additional searching to find a vet who can take you on as a patient.

Veterinarians are an important part of pet ownership. At Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are. From our caring veterinarians and staff, to our state of the art hospital, our commitment to giving the highest quality care shows. New patients welcome!

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