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What Does Your Dog Hate?

Published on October 26th, 2017

Dogs are, generally, very laid-back and easygoing creatures. They love to please their owners, so when you do something they dislike, they may not actively show it. While certain activities, such as a bath or brushing their teeth, are inevitable, there are some things that your dog may hate that you can limit. Pay very close attention to their behavior when they are around strangers, while on walks, and even how they act around you to find out if your dog hates specific behaviors. Actions such as averting eyes, sniffing the ground, yawning, licking their lips, and more are all signs of discomfort.

Personal Space

Some dogs absolutely love cuddling and hugging; others hate it. Your dog may be comfortable with cuddles from you, but make sure to let new people know that your dog does not like to be hugged. In general, dogs do not like when people are in their face, so be aware of putting your hands in your dog’s face, towering over them, or rushing towards them. This is especially true for strangers. If your dog is uncomfortable with hugs, even from you, let any cuddling happen on their terms to make them more comfortable. To go along with personal space, remember that some dogs absolutely hate costumes! Even when it is Halloween, do not dress your dog up if he or she shows a dislike for wearing clothes.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, dogs often hate being left alone. Even dogs that are opposed to hugging, they are still social creatures who would rather be with someone. Some dogs even experience separation anxiety. To provide a solution for being gone for work, social life, etc., always take the time to bond with your dog and set a daily routine that includes exercise and mental stimulation. When you are gone for more than just your day job, hire a pet sitter so your dog has someone to be with.

At Home

Without a routine, your dog will feel lost and likely act out. Much like children, dogs need to have rules and training; they have an internal clock that needs to be utilized. However, just because you need to train your dog, it does not mean that yelling and harsh punishment is the way to go. With dogs, they do best with positive reinforcement. Dogs will not understand what you are yelling, but they will understand the tone and your emotions, which will upset or scare your pup. Reward him or her for good behavior, and redirect your dog towards good behavior when they exhibit poor behavior.

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