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You take good care of your teeth because you understand the importance of a healthy mouth to your overall health, as well as to eating and other important daily functions. While you are capable of brushing and caring for your own teeth, your animals rely on you to do the same for them, just as a child would. This is why it’s so important to find an animal dental clinic in Logan Square to provide quality dental care for your pets. At Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic, you will find a team of professionals who can perform an animal teeth cleaning or any other dental service for your pets. Because we offer regular care, including pet vaccinations, you won’t need to search out a separate veterinarian to handle routine vet services. Our veterinary hospital will handle it all in one convenient location.

An Annual Visit Veterinary Logan Square

Taking your pet to a veterinarian every year is important to keep him updated on shots and to perform a checkup to make sure he is healthy. Part of that checkup should include a full dental exam. At our animal hospital in Logan Square, your pet will receive the ultimate in dental care alongside his typical veterinary care. We take great pride in offering a full range of services so your pet can stay as healthy as possible without forcing you to find someplace else for some of the treatments he needs. We provide it all. This doesn’t just offer you the convenience of making just one trip; it also ensures your pet feels as comfortable as possible in our care. You and your pet will become familiar with your particular vet and the rest of our staff, making these visits to the veterinarian in Logan Square less stressful for everyone. In fact, your pet may even come to look forward to these appointments.

Our Veterinarian Provide Gentle Care

Just like many humans, pets are often anxious about visiting our veterinary hospital in Logan Square. The most difficult aspect of this anxiety is we can’t explain to our pets why they need to visit the veterinarian so they no longer feel that fear. We understand these issues and can help provide your pet with the quality care he needs without triggering too many anxieties. We offer gentle dental care so your pet won’t develop an even bigger fear of visiting our animal hospital, making life much easier for you. We will work with you to learn more about your pet so we can provide the most comfortable experience we possibly can.

Vet for Your Logan Square Pets

Our animal dental clinic in Logan Square has a passion for pets and it shows in the services we provide. We offer all of the dental care your pet may need, whether you bring him in for a regular cleaning or polishing or he needs more extensive dental work. We can provide animal teeth cleaning, extractions, restorations, oral surgery and any other treatment your pet may need to ensure a healthy mouth for a long, healthy life. We understand a trip to the vet isn’t at the top of your pet’s favorite things to do and want to make sure the experience is as comfortable as possible. We take great pride in making sure your pet gets the proper care without the high levels of anxiety.

Your pet is important to you so we want you to have an animal hospital that feels the same way. Our experienced staff takes great pride in offering the quality care your pets need to stay happy and health. As part of that treatment plan, it’s important to make sure your pet goes to an experienced animal dental clinic to keep his teeth in good shape. Count on our veterinarian staff to protect your pet and make the right recommendations to increase the chances of a long and healthy life. Proper dental care, including animal teeth cleaning in Logan Square, is an essential element to good overall health.

If you are ready to schedule your pet’s dental appointment in Logan Square, contact us. We are ready to serve and give your pet the quality care he deserves.




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