Regular Health Exams

If you’re a pet owner, you understand the unbreakable bond between pet and owner. Because of this, you do everything in your power to take care of your animal in the best way possible. Thankfully, our vet in Chicago has the exact same mindset! Our professionals will be there for every up and down you and your pet experience. One facet of your pet’s health includes regular health exams that can address current problems as well as keep future problems to a minimum. Here’s what you and your pet can expect during a regular health exam.

Full Body Health Exam

Infographic detailing checklist for regular health pet exam

Temperature Check

Regardless of the type of animal you have, our vets in Chicago will always take your animal’s temperature to ensure they aren’t currently suffering from any illnesses. Abnormal temperatures are a good sign that something may be going on. Temperatures are taken rectally, and this process does not cause your animal any discomfort.

Skin & Coat Check

A major indicator of your pet’s health is the condition of his or her skin and coat. If your pet has a shiny, smooth coat, this is a great sign that their overall health is good as well! Brittle, coarse coats or coats that are greasy and flaky may be a sign of diets composed mainly of grains. Depending on the type of animal and the condition of the coat, we may recommend a different diet, and, in around two weeks, the skin and coat should be showing signs of improvement. Supplements are also a great way to improve diet, including fatty acid supplements that help with skin conditions like hot spots.

Ear Examination

Our vet in Chicago will also make sure your pet’s ears are in good health. It is deep in the ear canal that there may be an infection that isn’t visible to most pet owners. From there, we will prescribe any necessary medication to make sure your pet is pain-free and comfortable in no time.

Other portions of regular health exams include an abdominal examination, an oral examination (if the pet is willing) and an eye inspection to make sure there aren’t abnormalities. Paws pads will also be evaluated, and we will trim toenails if necessary.

Scheduling regular health examinations with our vet in Chicago is a great way to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy! Contact us today to set up an appointment, your pet will thank you!




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