The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Your Pet

Published on December 20th, 2019

If you have yet to check off your furry friends from your holiday shopping list, you’ve come to the right place. Our veterinarian near Harwood Heights has pooled together our top gift ideas for your pets. Whether you have an indoor snuggler or an outdoor enthusiast, our list has the best toys and accessories.

For Homebodies

Indoor Tunnel: A collapsible indoor tunnel is a great gift for any small dog, cat or rabbit. The crinkly fabric and spring-loaded design will get their heart racing, while the narrow channel makes for the perfect hideaway. But watch out, because your pet might use this toy to pounce on you unexpectedly.

Star of David Chew Toy: Any family celebrating Hanukkah this season will love the Star of David chew toy. The festive colors will be sure to catch your pup’s eyes and the design allows for optimal tug of war sessions. Our veterinarian near Harwood Heights bets that you’ll get tired before your dog does.

For Outdoor Lovers

Outdoor Cat Habitat: This cat habitat gives your curious kitty a chance to explore the outdoors without having to worry about them running off. The net allows them to feel the breeze outside, hear the chirps of the birds and feel the warm sun while keeping them safe from harm.

Gulpy Water Bottle: The gulpy water bottle acts like a built-in bowl that your dog can easily drink from on the go. This gift is best for dogs that love to accompany you on long hikes, car rides or walks around the neighborhood.

Your pet will surely thank you for any of these amazing gifts. Contact our veterinarian near Harwood Heights by calling 773.725.0260 for any more holiday tips!

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