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By some estimates, Americans own more than 164 million pets. From cats and dogs to more exotic pets, pet ownership has been on the rise since the 1970s. It makes sense that the number of veterinarians has grown as well, but not all vets are experienced in the area of animal teeth cleaning in Harwood Heights. At Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic, we know finding the right vet with the right skills can make Fido’s next appointment much less stressful. We encourage you to check out our veterinary hospital, whether your pet needs animal teeth cleaning or you are looking for the best place to take your pet for the continued care he or she will need over the years.

Your Pets Dental Health Is Important Too

Many pet owners overlook a vital part of their pet’s overall health – their teeth. Unless there is a specific reason to be concerned, such as sores, missing teeth or tumors, many pet owners just assume they don’t need to worry about teeth. Any animal hospital in Harwood Heights will tell you this is just wrong. Just like humans, dog and cat dental health can actually impact the entire body. Infections are just part of the problem. Improper care of a pet’s teeth can lead to loose or missing teeth, tooth sensitivity and other problems – all of which might make it difficult for your pet to get the nutrition he or she needs. We can help you understand the importance of dental care and give your pet the attention he deserves, so he doesn’t have to suffer from problems created by neglecting the care of his teeth.

Looking Beyond the Average Veterinarian in Harwood Heights

With this basic understanding of the importance of pet dental health, it is time to consider how to find the best animal dental clinic in Harwood Heights. Below, we have detailed the important elements to look for as you evaluate our veterinarian and any others you may be considering. It isn’t just about the types of services offered, but rather about the overall experience, providing your pet with the careful, compassionate care he deserves.

1. Look further than an animal hospital – Pet dentists are board-certified so be sure to check out your veterinarian’s qualifications. We offer only qualified animal dental technicians.

2. Look at services offered – The most qualified pet dentists go beyond basic animal teeth cleaning and focus on things like dental x-rays, anesthesiology, treatment of pet periodontal disease, fractured tooth repair and oral surgery for a variety of conditions. At Portage Park Animal Clinic, we offer all of these services.

3. Look for a comfortable service – Just like humans, some pets may have an aversion to doctors or dentists so take some time finding a practitioner both you and your pet will feel comfortable with. Ask us for testimonials, talk to your friends and family and check out the Internet to get a feeling for prospective pet dental experts.

Never make an appointment with an animal hospital near Harwood Heights that doesn’t meet your expectations. After all, your pets are an important part of your family and deserve the same level of care as you would want for your children or your spouse. Paying careful attention to the veterinary hospital you choose will help ensure your pet enjoys a long and happy life.

What to Expect at the Animal Dental Clinic

A basic dental exam will not be traumatic for your pet. We will examine your pet’s mouth and may take x-rays. It is important to note if a dental cleaning or other work is required, the process will be a bit more complex.

  • Prior to the appointment, x-rays and blood work will be required.
  • Our anesthesiologist will develop a plan to keep your pet asleep during the procedure.
  • We may prescribe pre-procedure pain medication for your pet.
  • Your pet may need to spend some time under observation so be prepared for a possible overnight visit.

Remember, some estimate as many as 70 percent of all cats and dogs will have some form of dental disease before their third birthday. Don’t overlook how important it is to find a veterinary hospital in Harwood Heights that offers dental service. Animal teeth cleanings are not something you should overlook. Brushing your teeth and visiting the dentist is an important part of your routine and so should taking your pet to an animal dental clinic for the right care. At our veterinary office, we take great pride in handling our patients with the utmost care and compassion. We treat your pet just as we would our own family pet, helping him enjoy a healthier lifestyle with clean teeth and good overall health.




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