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Finding the right veterinary care for you and your pet can be challenging. You want the vet and staff to be professional but approachable. They should be experienced and keep up with all the latest procedures, but treat you like family. Above all, the entire hospital staff should treat Fluffy and Fido like their own beloved pets—with compassion and a gentle touch.

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The Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic staff completely understands. We provide our patients with the same care and services we want for our own pets. We would never settle for anything less than the best, and neither should you.

We provide comprehensive vet services to help keep pets healthy from head to toe. We stay up-to-date with all the latest veterinary advancements and utilize them to keep our patients safe and comfortable. When you bring your pet to us, you become part of the Portage Park family.

Exams & Pet Vaccinations — Harwood Heights, IL

Annual exams and vaccinations for adult pets (boosters for puppies and kittens) are some of the best ways to keep your pet healthy. We thoroughly check your pet for signs of pain or discomfort. We check their skin, coat, ears, eyes, joints, and overall condition.

Pet vaccinations protect them from a variety of contagious illnesses. Young pets, old pets, and all those in between are susceptible to various diseases and viruses. These illnesses can leave pets extremely weak, sick, or suffering. In some cases, the condition may result in death.

Protect Your Pet

One way to protect your cat or dog from additional complications is to have them spayed or neutered. (If you have a female pet, they will be spayed; if you have a male cat or dog, they will be neutered.) Our spay/neuter procedures are safe, have fast recovery times, and greatly reduce the chances of your pet having mammary, uterine, or prostate cancer.

We all want our pets to live long, happy, healthy lives, and this is a great proactive way to help make that happen. Schedule your pet’s spay or neuter today.

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Pet Dental Exams & Oral Health

Your pet’s dental health is an important part of their overall health. If they have issues with their teeth or gums, they can experience an array of health problems. Annual dental exams and cleanings help ensure teeth and gums remain healthy and intact.

Labs and Diagnostics On-Site

We do bloodwork and diagnostics right here in the office for faster test results and a prompt care plan. When a pet is injured, these services can be the deciding factor in determining how to make them comfortable and recover. Our digital diagnostic X-rays are painless and noninvasive.

Your Go-To Veterinary Hospital — Harwood Heights

For an experienced, caring veterinarian in Harwood Heights and surrounding areas, rely on Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic. We provide compassionate care in a modern veterinary environment that gives you and your pets the peace of mind you need. To learn more or schedule an appointment, reach out online or call us today.




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