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Chances are every time you take your pet to the veterinarian, the vet checks his teeth. Many pet owners are surprised to learn dogs and cats can and do get dental diseases. From tooth aches to systemic illnesses cause by dental problems, ignoring your pet’s dental health is not a good idea. Instead, all pets should have a dental check up with their veterinarian and the owner should implement a dental health plan. At Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic, we understand your concerns about your pet’s dental help and are here to help you. As an animal dental clinic, we provide the best possible care to keep your pet’s teeth as healthy as possible to reduce the risk of further problems down the road. Some diseases can be caused by poor oral health and the right initial care can help prevent these issues.

A Word about Professional Cleanings

Our animal dental clinic in Norridge will perform a thorough check of your pet’s teeth. If a cleaning is required, our professional veterinarian dentist will clean the pet’s teeth. This cleaning is surprisingly like a human dental cleaning. The teeth will be scaled to remove plaque and tarter build up. The teeth and gums will be carefully examined to determine if there is underlying dental disease. Finally, the teeth will be polished. It is important to note most veterinarians will require anesthesia to prevent injury. Just like with humans, a dental cleaning can be an anxiety-inducing experience for your pets. However, we take every precaution to our animal hospital to ensure your pet is comfortable throughout the process.

Before Professional Veterinarian Cleaning

Prior to arriving at our veterinary hospital in Norridge for your pet’s cleaning, you will have to have some basic lab work performed on your pet. This is generally required before any procedure that will require anesthesia. The lab work will let us know if there are any underlying health issues and whether the anesthesia will need to be adjusted. If you pet will be under anesthesia for the dental cleaning, we will likely place an IV line to ensure easy access to fluids, including a pre-medication, which will relax your pet. A breathing tube will be placed into your pet’s trachea. This helps ensure an adequate supply of both oxygen and anesthesia drugs. Once all of the prep work is completed, we will administer anesthesia and the cleaning will begin.

The Dental Cleaning Process

The actually dental cleaning process is much like a human’s. Our technician will likely begin by taking and examining x-rays. Next, the patient’s mouth will be rinsed and an examination of the teeth and gums is performed. This examination will check general health, as well as look for teeth that may need to be removed. The actual cleaning is performed by hand and is designed to remove any plaque or tartar. A special tool will be used just under the gum line because this is where dental problems typically begin. Once the animal teeth cleaning is complete, our veterinarian may have suggestions about further care. If an underlying disease is discovered, such as periodontal disease, a treatment plan will be developed and discussed.

For Pet Vaccinations & Other Services

At Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Norridge, we know pets are so much more. They are part of the family, and we will work with you to ensure all of your pet’s health needs, including their teeth, are always met.

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