A Ruff Time for Everyone

Published on October 1st, 2018

We know getting back into the routine of school and all the fall-related activities can be a stressful time for parents. But don’t forget about our furry friends.

After a summer full of fun in the sun, our pets have become accustomed to having extra attention from us during the warm months. Adjusting to the new school schedule can be just as stressful for them as it is to us. Being home alone can cause boredom or loneliness.

Here are some notable behaviors that ASPCA reports you may see when introducing your pet to being home alone:

  • Inappropriate urination or defecation
  • Barking and Howling
  • Chewing, Digging or Destruction
  • Escaping
  • Pacing

Tips to transitioning your pet to the new schedule

  1. Kong Toys
  • Stuff a Kong toy with your dog’s favorite treats for a quick fix of their attention. For an extra challenge: Mix peanut butter or canned dog food with dry dog food/treats. Stuff the mixture inside of the Kong toy and stick in the freezer for 20-30 minutes prior to giving your dog the toy.
  1. Background noise
  • Studies show that classical music can help calm animals. Leaving on a radio or the television while your away will help to make them feel like you never left.
  1. Acclamation
  • Get them used to being alone by leaving them in a separate room for periods of time while you are home.
  1. Scents
  • Leave them your old hoodie or t-shirt in their kennel or near their place of sleep to have for comfort while you are away. Hint: Wear the t-shirt every once in a while, for at least an hour, to makes sure it has a fresh smell of you!
  1. Extra Love and Attention
  • Your pets have just had the best summer of their entire life, and it is because they spent it with you. The best thing for your pets while their missing you, is you! Allot some time during the week for your furry family member. Long walks, extra cuddles by the television, or any attention you can give them.

If you’re still having issues or concerns, don’t hesitate to call us. There may be other ways we can help to ease their anxiety.

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