Winter Safety For Dogs

Published on November 12th, 2019

The cold Chicago winter is upon us and although your pup has a fur coat, it may not be enough to keep them warm and safe this season. Use these guidelines from our animal hospital in Chicago to keep your dog protected from all the winter hazards that may arise throughout your chilly walks.

Doggy Coat

Dogs with short hair, puppies or old dogs can be especially vulnerable in cold weather despite their built-in fur coat. In addition, all dogs lose much of their insulation after their fur is wet. Protect your dog with a waterproof coat and bring them into a warm room, safe from drafts after a walk.


When it’s bitterly cold it’s best to keep your dog inside to avoid the risk of frostbite all together. Frostbite is when part of a dog’s body freezes and can occur when a dog is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for a long period of time. It is most common on a dog’s tail, ears or footpads. Symptoms include pale skin that later turns puffy and red, or when part of your dog’s body is painful to the touch. If you believe your dog is suffering from frostbite take them to our animal hospital in Chicago immediately.

Paw Care

In the winter months, dangerous chemicals such as antifreeze and rock salt accumulate on the roads and often stick to your dog’s footpads. These chemicals can be dangerous when ingested by licking paws, as well as, irritate your dog’s paws causing them to crack and bleed. To prevent these threats, clean your dog’s feet when they come in from a walk and apply petroleum jelly to soothe cracked paws.

Keep your dog warm this winter! If you need anymore cold-weather hazard tips, contact our animal hospital in Chicago by visiting us online.

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